CMC Connecticut Manufacturers’ Collaborative

The Connecticut Manufacturers’ Collaborative is comprised of all the major regional and statewide manufacturing member organizations across Connecticut. We represent over 1200 manufacturing companies with tens of thousands of employees throughout all of Connecticut.

Through the CMC, Connecticut manufacturers have created a “single voice” for Connecticut manufacturing. Throughout this past fall, the CMC prepared a list of strategic initiatives for the new administration. Within those initiatives, several key legislative priorities have emerged. We are pleased to present those to you and look forward to working with you and other legislators interested in helping ensure the manufacturing sector succeeds in leading Connecticut to a new period of economic stability and prosperity for all its citizens.


855 AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE POSITION OF SECRETARY OF MANUFACTURING. To establish the position of Secretary of Manufacturing.

7081 & 7377 THE COMMERCE AND FINANCE COMMITTEES’ BILLS, RESPECTIVELY, TO EXTEND THE MANUFACTURING APPRENTICESHIP TAX CREDIT TO PASS-THROUGH ENTITIES. To allow certain business entities to claim the manufacturing apprenticeship tax credit against the personal income tax.

854 AN ACT PROMOTING CAREERS IN MANUFACTURING TO PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS AND ESTABLISHING A TASK FORCE TO STUDY THE DEMAND FOR CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS. To (1) encourage guidance counselors and school counselors to provide materials concerning manufacturing, military and law enforcement careers to students; (2) require local and regional school district boards of education to develop goals for career placement for students choosing not to pursue an advanced degree; (3) include manufacturing employment and certificate program rates in the accountability index; and (4) establish a task force to study demand for career and technical education teachers in the state.

856 AN ACT REQUIRING THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION TO CONSIDER MANUFACTURERS’ WORKFORCE NEEDS WHEN EVALUATING PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS. To require the State Board of Education to (1) consider manufacturers’ workforce needs when evaluating public schools’ educational programs; (2) educate elementary school students about careers in manufacturing; (3) increase representation of manufacturers on the board’s advisory committees; and (4) evaluate the effectiveness of the board’s program to introduce middle school and high school students to careers in manufacturing.

7148 AN ACT CONCERNING THE STATE BUDGET FOR THE BIENNIUM ENDING JUNE THIRTIETH, 2021 AND MAKING APPROPRIATIONS THEREFOR. The CMC is requesting the legislature provide modest funding ($400,000) to begin implementing a critical existing law requiring separation of the CT State Technical High School System from the State Dept. of Education (Gov. Lamont’s budget proposes no funding and the separation be delayed for a minimum of one year).