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CMC Updates

By Allen Nadeau
Committee representative for NESMA

The CMC met on 04-08-2024 at 4pm to 5pm.
Statehouse Associates provided an update on bills that we were following:

HB5005: 40 hours sick pay for every worker, regardless of company size or industry. Business cannot ask for a doctor’s note. In addition to the FLMA of 12 weeks. Unfunded mandate, 100% paid by the business. Incrementally, by 2027 companies with only one employee need to be compliant. As there is no fiscal note, there is no reason the bill will not move forward.
HB5468: Employers would have to provide 12 months’ prior notice when changing the policy on compensation for unused, accrued leave in relation to employee separation from employment. No fiscal note, so again will be pushed through. Labor Committee.
HB5269: Elimination of non-competes, was not put up for vote and will die on April 16th
HB5164: grants striking union workers unemployment benefits after 14 days. Appears that this bill has died in committee.
SB157: R&D tax credit for pass-through entities. Died in Finance again.
HB5247: Allows trade organizations or chambers of commerce to offer Association Health Plans. By pooling 200 or more employees together businesses would be allowed to negotiate plans and rates. Spreads the risk. Less expensive than small group insurance. The bill died in committee. Some major issues were reported with the insurance and real estate committee.
SB302: An act expanding manufacturing apprenticeship credits and creating a pilot program for trades. Died in Finance.
HB5436: Bill looks at using industry experience to qualify industry course teachers rather than a teaching certificate, like what is being done in the arts. This bill is currently alive but is expected to have no traction.

Paul Lavoie was away and did not provide an update this month. He did pass along a marketing piece called Make It Here 2030 detailing his plan for manufacturing employment and automation to reduce the need of employees. I have shared this piece with the BOD but it is also available for download using the button below.

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