The NESMA Vanguard Committee joined the Plainville High School Learning Adventure Day. The purpose of the event was to expose students to a variety of learning experiences and prepare them for life in the “real world”, allowing them to explore new career opportunities. The fair was a success, it was well attended with students showing great interest in what our NESMA members had to offer.

Representing the NESMA Vanguard Committee, Jabob Youmans of Connecticut Spring & Stamping and Brendan Schuch of ACME Monaco.

Students had the possibility to tour participating NESMA members’ plants. Pictured above the students visiting Plymouth Spring in Bristol, CT with their President David Devoe, also pictured with President John Dellalana and NESMA board member John Higginbotham of Rowley Spring.

Overall a great success for the our Vanguard Committee connecting students with manufacturing careers opportunities. Visit our Vanguard Committee’s page to learn more.