Wiley Bros.- Aintree Capital, LLC, is a 78-year-old firm located in Nashville, TN.  The Firm is family-owned and operated and provides a unique suite of investment offerings including Investment Banking.  Over the last 78 years the firm has found strength in remaining an independent brokerage firm and has focused on investment brokerage, investment advisory and underwriting municipal bonds for utility districts in the state of Tennessee.

The Firm has added an Investment Banking division within the last decade. The growing Investment Banking division provides Mergers and Acquisition services to family-owned businesses looking to sell their companies and to monetize their life’s work.

The Firm is uniquely positioned to continue to provide investment management services, to its clients, following the sale of their companies. The M&A team is also skilled in helping companies achieve growth through acquisitions of other companies as well as assisting with raising capital.

Leonard LaPorta Jr.
Managing Director – Investment Banking
Wiley Bros.-Aintree Capital LLC

Contact Person: Leonard LaPorta, Jr.

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